Mission and Goals
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Fair World Project (FWP) educates and advocates for a just global economy where:

  • people are treated fairly with dignity;
  • the environment is respected and nourished;
  • commerce fosters sustainable livelihoods and communities in a global society based on cooperation and solidarity;
  • diverse mechanisms and pathways to justice are important, including fair market opportunities and fair government and trade policy, in order to value, defend, and support the contributions of farmers, workers, and artisans to our global society;
  • insisting on integrity in marketing claims is necessary including those that rely on third party certification labels, promoting fairness throughout entire supply chains, and supporting dedicated brands that put people before profits.



  • To contribute to the movement to build a just economy that benefits and empowers all people especially those traditionally marginalized in our current system, including family-scale farmers, small-scale artisans, and food and apparel workers
  • To educate consumers, retailers, manufacturers and marketers regarding:
    • The standards, criteria, and possible fair-washing behind claims of fairness and justice on products they produce, sell and/or consume, including understanding the benefits and limitations of third-party verifications.
    • The ways government and international trade policies support or inhibit a just economy.
    • Key issues, theories, initiatives, policies, and campaigns related to fair trade, family-scale farmers globally, labor justice, sweat-free apparel, and trade and agriculture policy
  • To pressure companies to: improve sourcing and labor practices by obtaining fair trade, fair labor or other appropriate certification for major supply chains; make only authentic ecosocial market claims; and support public policies that benefit small-scale producers and workers
  • To promote certification labels, membership organizations, companies, and brands that further progress toward a just economy
  • To facilitate dialogue among and between movements working towards a just economy
  • To advocate for a better world by: educating and inspiring individuals and organizations through our twice-yearly free publication; providing educational resources and workshops for consumers, retailers, and brands; and collaborating with other organizations with similar values.