• Fair Trade is the Pathway to Regenerative Agriculture

    The movement for a food system that sustains people and planet is been growing.

    Fair trade offers a model to incorporate fair livelihoods and the true cost of production into regenerative agriculture models that are both new and very old, feeding the world and tending the planet.

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  • Regenetarians Unite!

    How the Regenerative Agriculture and Animal Welfare Movements Can End Factory Farming, Restore Soil and Mitigate Climate Change

    As eaters, we have a choice: will our diets restore and replenish the earth, or will they deplete it? An exploration of three key principles that look beyond simple distinctions between omnivore and vegan towards a new Regenetarian ethos.

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  • A Soil-to-Soil Vision for the Fashion Revolution

    From origins in Northern California, Fibershed is building a global network of regional regenerative fiber systems. Founder Rebecca Burgess describes her vision for vibrant local fibersheds that connect us to the landscapes that grow what we wear and sustains a new generation of farmers, ranchers, natural dyers and mills.

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  • Fair Trade as We Do It, the Story of Jumbo Nuts

    Fair Trade Alliance Kerala, the small-farmer collective I work for, is recapturing the homestead farming traditions of Kerala. Our goal is to grow to about 10,000 farming families stewarding about 40,000 acres of farmland, creating conditions that are akin to a tropical rainforest in crop diversity and biodiversity. For us, biodiversity is a food security issue as well as an issue of gender justice.

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  • What Does “Regenerative Agriculture” Mean to You?

    We asked that question to a handful of leaders, growers and thinkers from around the world. These are a few of their thoughts

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