• It’s Time for Wages with Dignity:

    Voters in several states are no longer waiting on politicians. They’re taking matters into their own hands and launching minimum wage ballot initiatives to create the economic change people sorely need. The impetus for these campaigns is simple and stark: Economic inequality is one of the top issues of our time.

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  • The Business Case for Raising the Minimum Wage:

    “Everyone who is working full time should receive a living wage, and be able to independently afford a basic standard for quality of life without relying on sub-par government support or second or third jobs.” - Mike Bronner

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  • “Berta Didn’t Die. She Multiplied.”

    A tribute to the work of Berta Cáceres: “You cannot delink the fight of indigenous people for their lands, territories and resources from the violence that’s committed against indigenous women (and men), especially if this is a violence that is perpetrated by state authorities or by corporate security.”

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  • Lucky: A Guest Worker’s Story

    Though he had not wanted to leave his wife and children for six months, had not wanted to sleep on a cot in a room with three other men, had not wanted to work long days under difficult conditions, Miguel said he was one of the lucky ones…

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  • Fair Chance Employment Benefits Us All

    Earning a living wage through gainful employment is crucial to the 630,000 women and men who will come home from prison this year. A staggering amount of employment challenges await the formerly incarcerated…Particularly hard hit are black men, who are more than six times as likely as white men to be incarcerated.

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  • Policy Corner: Farms in California Prepare for $15/Hour Minimum Wage

    California passed a law that will guarantee all workers in the state a minimum wage of $15 an hour. This is great news for farmworkers in the country’s largest agricultural state. But will it be a disaster for farmers and the agricultural economy?

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  • From Weaving to Seed-Saving, Climate Change, and Fighting Monsanto

    Working together in cooperatives is an empowering aspect of the fair trade movement for farmers and artisans around the world. On a recent trip to Guatemala, Dana Geffner, Executive Director of Fair World Project, sat down with Yolanda Sebastiana Calgua Morales; a member of the Chuwila Cooperative, a Maya woman, mother and weaver.

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  • Radio CATA: A Radio Station to Empower the Latino Community

    The radio station began as a way to reach out to the immigrant community and engage them in CATA’s mission of organizing to fight for the rights they deserve. CATA members see the radio station as a crucial communication tool to build unity among Latinos as they struggle for justice in their workplaces and communities.

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