• Food, Farming and Climate Change: It’s Bigger than Everything Else

    Record-breaking heat waves, long-term drought, “100-year floods” in consecutive years, and increasingly extreme superstorms are becoming the new normal. The planet is now facing an unprecedented era of accelerating and intensifying global climate change, with negative impacts already being widely felt.

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  • Seed Freedom and Food Democracy

    What follows is an excerpt from a longer open letter by Dr. Vandana Shiva to heads of state in both India and the U.S. outlining her case for seed sovereignty. The letter was written on the eve of a proposed agreement between the two countries that would threaten the rights of farmers to save seeds.

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  • Herbicide and Insecticide Use on GMO Crops Skyrocketing While Pro-GMO Media Run Interference

    Michael Specter’s articles in the New Yorker bashing Vandana Shiva and the labeling of genetically engineered (GE) foods (“Seeds of Doubt” and “The Problem with GMO Labels,” 8/25/14) are the latest high-profile pro-GMO articles that fail to engage with the fundamental critique of GE food crops in U.S. soil today...

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  • International Guide to Fair Trade Labels

    A reference tool to better understand the guarantees of fair trade labels, standards, monitoring measures and how they differ from sustainability labels. Why are labels necessary to guarantee fair trade practices?

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  • Policy Reform Corner: Globalization, NAFTA and Migration from Mexico

    When NAFTA was passed two decades ago, its boosters promised it would bring “first world” status for the Mexican people. Instead, it prompted a great migration north. In Oaxaca, for example, some towns have become depopulated, or now consist of communities with only the very old and very young, where most working-age people have left to work in the Global North.

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  • The Struggle for Fairness At Sakuma Brothers

    There are many problems plaguing the modern food system. With its reliance on chemical pesticides, practices leading to soil exhaustion, and the rampant exploitation of workers (particularly migrant workers), the U.S. industrial food system must be transformed into something more just, humane and sustainable.

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  • Ag-gag Laws: A Threat to Us All

    In his article “Fairness for Farmworkers and Farm Animals” in Issue 8 of For A Better World, Paul Shapiro, Vice President of Farm Animal Protection for the Humane Society of the United States, recalled Upton Sinclair’s century-old, best-selling novel, The Jungle.

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  • Trade Aid: Handmade Change

    Trade Aid has firmly established itself as the original and largest fair trade organization to operate in New Zealand. With New Zealand’s population of only 4.3 million people, Trade Aid has had to evolve into a multi-category and multi-channel distributor in order to maintain consistent growth.

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